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"Meeting Robin was one of the best decisions of my life. She inspired us with her story of starting Pencils for Kids, and on making a difference in one of the poorest economies in the world: Niger. Robin kindly offered to help the NGO that I support, and within months, we were collaborating with each other to successfully launch a new social program in Niger! I've learned insights from Robin on international development that I could not have gained from any textbooks. Thank you Robin, and thank you Time Auction!"
"Time Auction gave me an excellent opportunity that I couldn't have received anywhere else. I really enjoyed it and would do it again! I just wished I had more hours :)"
"The meeting went beautifully. Jana was gracious and most helpful. It was a pleasure being part of Time Auction and it is nice to know there are people who care about our world. You make us proud!"
"Paul gave insightful advice and offered to help me grow my startup through his connections. Plus he was hilarious and down-to-earth. Awesome work Time Auction!"
"My chat with Sunjay was invaluable and I've already started using what I learned. I love to volunteer, and through Time Auction I was also able to get even more in return!"
"Thank you Time Auction for your dedication to make this opportunity a reality. I will forever cherish the meeting with Mr. Joyce as a real highlight in my life."
"I really enjoyed meeting Jodi. I never would have known about Jodi's amazing work in mental health and entrepreneurship if it weren't for Time Auction!"
"Shamin shared his stories with our Teach for Canada team and we took away so much from the interaction. Thank you Shamin, and thank you Time Auction for helping coordinate all of this!"
"Dan was really friendly and shared a lot of advice and interesting stories. I think Time Auction is a brilliant idea and would love to participate in one again."
"I thoroughly enjoyed my Time Auction and I highly recommend it to anyone. I am now connected with an amazing mentor - a precious gift. Thank you Zayna, and thank you Time Auction!"
"Dan is a really inspiring person, who was actively interested in the work we were both doing. I hope he had at least half as good at time as we did."
"Mitchell has made me think about my career in a strategic manner. He has permanently changed the way I would portray myself in front of an opportunity."
"I’m very grateful to have become involved with Time Auction and their amazing team. I’ve met some very inspiring leaders in our community. Thank you Time Auction!"
"Meeting Steve was great. I learned so much about how to assess opportunities and the way Steve goes about growing his ventures. Terrific tour of Hipmunk too. Thanks Time Auction!"
"Sean and I had a very comfortable, relaxed and candid conversation that allowed me to get some great insight on his career journey and receive some helpful advice on my career planning. He was very friendly and sincere and seemed equally as excited to be involved with Time Auction as a reward donor as I was as a bidder."
"Meeting Joseph was simply inspiring. Not only has he built an incredible track-record in the private sector, but also developed substantial changes in the social sector. He represents a model of a business leader that I've always aspired to become. I'm glad we connected."
"Time Auction is a brilliant way of promoting volunteerism and making dreams come true. I'm very grateful to Justin for giving invaluable feedback regarding my startup."
"The lunch with Rahul was awesome. He is truly inspiring and easygoing. We were having such a good conversation that before we realized it was already time to leave."
"It was great to meet a bright individual who dedicated so much to our society. It was very beneficial to my life and my career. On top of that, it was a fantastic, tasty, and healthy lunch."
"Wow. Just had lunch with Rahul Raj and it was extremely inspiring, useful, and moved me immensely. Just wonderful."
"It was awesome meeting Sean - he was such a personable guy to talk to! I'm definitely looking forward to bidding on more auctions!"
"Thank you Time Auction for gave me this excellent opportunity to speak with Alison. I am truly thankful for her advice on career development and her industry insights."
"Time Auction’s account creation was simple and I was bidding my volunteer hours within minutes. When I won the opportunity to meet Stephen Lake, Time Auction was super helpful everything to do with the meetup. Overall, my experience was wonderful!"
"Stephen was amazing and I also got to try Thalmic Lab's MYO armband pre-launch. Such a cool opportunity. Time Auction is an amazing organization and seamlessly set up our meeting. What a great way to give back and meet interesting people!"
"Meeting George was a tremendously rewarding experience. He was attentive and genuine throughout the discussion, and as someone currently involved in launching a not-for-profit I found his advice and perspective extremely valuable."
"Alison is filled with passion for the pharmaceutical industry. After learning about the insights of what she does, I could understand why working in the pharmaceutical can be so meaningful and interesting. Thanks to Time Auction, I had the opportunity to have all my curiosities about AstraZeneca and the industry fulfilled."
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