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Volunteering opportunities

London (Ontario) listings

Pillar Network

London (Ontario) charities

Salvation Army of Ontario Great Lakes
London Food Bank

San Francisco listings

Bay Area Volunteer Information Center
The Volunteer Center
Hands On Bay Area
One Brick

San Francisco charities

Conversations for Good
San Francisco Education Fund
UCSF Medical Center
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
SF Rec & Park

General listings

Get Involved
Charity Village (Canada)
Volunteer Canada (Canada)
Canadian Universities Volunteer Directory (Canada)
Volunteer Match (US)

Non-charity volunteer work

These are examples of work that may not be directly related to a registered charity or not-for-profit, but that Time Auction may still accept on a case-by-case basis. We will still need to verify your hours, so please take pictures if appropriate and make sure someone else is involved so that we are convinced you have done charitable work.

Doing work for a school club

If you're part of a school club that's doing good for the community, that should count for something!

Being a mentor or teacher

This is a great way to give back. Sharing your experience or expertise with someone else helps our leaders of tomorrow start off on the right foot.

Cleaning up the neighbourhood

Tired of all the trash on the street? Picking up trash is great for the environment and is a great way to give back to your community.

Feeding those in need

If you've spent hours making and delivering sandwiches to homeless people, or spent an extra hour after a conference to gather leftover food for a nearby shelter, we will count these hours.

Anything that helps others

If you have an initiative that is charitable in nature, then please reach out to us at to discuss if it will count as Time Auction hours. By charitable, we mean that the goal of the initiative is not to make money, but to help others.

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