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By volunteering or donating

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How Time Auction works

1. Earn Karma

Donating and logging past volunteer hours earns you Karma Points, which you can then use to bid on auctions. $1 donated earns 1 Karma Point and 1 hour volunteered earns 10 Karma Points.

2. Bid

Bid your Karma Points to meet inspiring people, such as humanitarians, entrepreneurs, athletes, or artists. Most auctions allow every bidder to win if the goal is reached.

3. Meet

Time Auction is all about priceless experiences and rewards for the priceless philanthropy you do. Depending on the auction, meetings are done virtually or in person... or both!

Types of auctions you can bid on



If you bid on webinar auctions, you are guaranteed to win. The reward is a Google Hangout webinar session with the reward donor. You can ask or upvote questions in advance of the session for the reward donor. Sometimes these auctions will have a target number of Karma Points that need to be reached in order to unlock the reward for everyone, so make sure to tell all your friends to bid! This is a new initiative that started in May 2015.


These auctions have a few lucky winners for some really awesome in-person experiences. Depending on the reward, sometimes you can bring a friend along. Winners are selected based via random draw, with each Karma Point bid counting as an entry into the draw. For example, let's say you bid 100 Karma Points and there are a total of 1,000 Karma Points bid. In the scenario where there's only one winning spot, you will have a 10% chance of winning.

Time Auction for organizations

Organizations like universities and charities can run private Time Auctions just for their own students, alumni, or volunteers. Each organization gets its own portal at If you think your organization might be interested in running private Time Auctions, we'd love to hear from you.


Time Auction can be an innovative way to engage your students and alumni. It is a priceless way to say thank you those who volunteer for their communities, while helping them make useful connections for their personal and professional lives. Running Time Auctions also helps your school leverage and strengthen key relationships with prominent alumni, giving them a simple and meaningful way to stay engaged with the school.

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Volunteer recognition can boost volunteer engagement, and traditional methods of providing products or dinner galas are less appealing to today's volunteer demographic. Time Auction is a way to recognize the great work your volunteers do in a non-monetary way that makes sense. Additionally, Time Auction can be a tool to strengthen or build new relationships with prominent potential donors in your community.

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